How emotionally disconnected people are from the billions of non human animals that are slaughtered each year sickens me. When it happens to a cat or dog it is abuse, but when it happens to a cow, chicken or pig it is just industry. Your cognitive dissonance is literally lethal.

It is easy to strip all resemblance of life from these animals when they are killed in slaughterhouses, dismembered by butchers, packaged then conveniently placed in the supermarket for you to purchase. Their suffering is kept out of sight to keep it out of your mind, but make no mistake:

  • Your food is a product of oppression.
  • Your food is a product of exploitation
  • Your food is a product of murder.
  • Your food was once their life.

And no, I will NEVER stop reminding you of this.

I respect your right to have these feelings and I respect your right to make the choice to be vegan.

Can’t you respect my choice to eat meat?

I’m not asking for you to endorse it or change your lifestyle, I just want you to respect my choice. 

Don’t throw your beliefs in my face, I don’t do it to you.

You’re no better than people who force their religious views on others. Do you want to be self-righteous? Because I’d love to hear how veganism makes you better than me. 

Demanding others to “respect your choice” when your choice infringes on the rights and well-being of other sentient beings is absolutely absurd and akin to serial killers, child molesters, and animal abusers also demanding respect for their choices. We will respect your choice when you respect their life.

Vegans do not push anything onto you. The act of killing others to eat their flesh is the ultimate form of pushing your beliefs onto others. Religious views are on the basis of faith. Reminding you that your meat is the product of a living, breathing, feeling animal that struggled, bled, and fought for his life is merely a fact.

I will never respect your wish to remain ignorant to the unbelievable pain and suffering your choices inflict.

You seem to think that the behavior of eating meat is some kind of choice and by doing so is abusing the animal’s rights? I’m sorry but since when the fuck did animals have a rights or moral system towards it’s prey? If a bear, lion, tiger or other sort of carnivore ate us would it be considered murder? would that animal be put on some sort of trial or be punished for violating out rights to not be eaten. No. Why? Because that is how nature works, animals eat each other (that includes humans) and just as any other meat eating animal hunts it’s prey we have too it’s just now we are much much more efficient in it.

I’ll “respect” an animals rights not to be eaten the day an animal respects mine. 


Yes, look how efficient animal agriculture is. Aren’t human so smart and efficient? Let’s give our self a big pat on the back.

What an animal does out of survival does not justify what you do out of selfishness. A lion can not live on a plant based diet, you CAN.  

And it’s because you have morals and the ability to distinguish right and wrong that you are obligated to act upon them and not contribute to unnecessary killing for the sake of taste. 

Vegans, yeah, so peaceful, so elegant, so open minded, certainly they would never insult an omnivore or assume that we kill just because the meat tastes good


Still have yet to meet an agreeable vegan.


Because a polite vegan doesn’t tell you they’re a vegan, or if they do, it’s merely a passing comment or to answer a question.

How is this concept so difficult to understand.

You have no idea how many times I have thought the same thing. It’s like these people don’t get that meat-eaters have the freedom to eat what they want, and vegans have the freedom to shut up about it. That’s what freedom is all about. Change has never taken place when people have the nerve to actually bring it up.

They don’t understand that their ideas are something that has to be kept to themselves. The last thing this society needs is the idea of veganism being presented ad nauseum on billboards, commercials, newspaper ads, magazine ads, internet ads, etc….Only industries that are shameless in their ideas would so obnoxiously promote it, which in turn makes it mainstream, ergo, the normal perspective.

I’m just glad we live in a world where the right kind of ideas are being presented in our culture.

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