Hello! I was just wondering how you're managing a raw diet that is high carb? Isn't raw eating naturally low carb, besides fruit? x


Heya :D Well I’m eating mostly fruit so there’s all my carbs right there and that’s why I say I’m eating high carb. You might be confused because I’ve posted a photo of a mostly green salad which, although is low in fat and protein is also low in carbs but they have other nutrients in them and they’re important to help the body do things like metabolising fats and getting rid of toxins.

Fruits tend to be rich in vitamins whilst greens are rich in minerals and they also have a higher level of protein than fruits. I’ve also found that eating them helps eliminate cravings for things such as sodium - which something like celery has plenty of. 

As for your question - there’s several different ways of eating raw but the way I’m familiar with is high carb, low fat. Some raw foodists eat a lot higher fat content, supplementing their diet with nuts, avocados, oils and coconut but from what I’ve read, we’re better off eating a diet very low in fat (Douglas Graham explains the reasons very well). Plus, I’m unable to eat much fat due to medical issues, so it suits me very well.

When people talk about “low carb” diets, I think they mostly mean low in complex carbs which are things like pasta and breads. They sometimes limit their fruit intake but this isn’t as common with raw foodists.

But yep, I mostly eat fruit for energy, plenty of bananas particularly :D

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